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Air Intake

From aftermarket air intakes and air filters for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size to stock-style replacement air intake accessories, whatever you seek can be found at Everything Polaris Ranger. Off-road companies such as Air Raider make snorkel-type air intakes for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size, while Duraclutch's Polaris Ranger XP 1000 clutch and engine air intake is a viable option as well. For optimal engine performance, a specific amount of oxygen is required to achieve combustion. You can have a surplus of fuel, but without enough oxygen, your UTV won't be able to generate adequate power. Therefore, air intakes for the engine are critical. Some Full-Size Ranger owners choose to ditch the stock air filter and instead use a Uni Filter in the stock air box. If you keep it oiled up and put a little wheel bearing grease around the edges of the seal to ensure an airtight fit, you shouldn't have any problems during everyday riding situations. For sandy terrain, particle separators are quite effective, and if the air intake on the side of your UTV keeps getting blocked with mud or snow, relocating the inlet vent to a higher position near the roof will help. Be it a replacement exterior air intake vent or a new intake air adapter boot, we've got it all here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

Whether you need a cold air intake for better clutch cooling or an air intake accessory to ensure that no water or debris finds its way into your machine's internals, we can sort you out with any air intake accessory for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size here at Everything Polaris Ranger. Are you restoring an old bike and in need of the air intake clutch cooling hose that connects to the airbox on the front? Or how about some hydrophobic pre-filters that repel water, snow, and ice to keep moisture out of your air intakes? Whatever it is that you're lacking, we are sure to have it. We offer CVT air intake accessories, intakes for AC compressors and alternators, as well as factory-style air intake parts to swap out when damage occurs. Don't get tunnel vision by focusing exclusively on aftermarket tires and clutch kits and make sure that you're bike is getting nothing but clean and dry air with the Polaris Ranger Full-Size air intake accessories from Everything Polaris Ranger!