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Windshield Wipers

Upgrade your Polaris Ranger Full Size with our premium Polaris Ranger Windshield Wiper collection, designed to keep your view crystal clear at all times! These high-efficiency wiper washer kits are engineered to tackle tough dirt and grime, backed by robust motors ensuring smooth, consistent operation. Select from a variety of superior wiper blades, both in universal designs and models tailored specifically for the Full Size Ranger, ensuring optimal visibility at all times. Enhance your Ranger with adjustable wipers, calibrated for the perfect fit, and trust in the very best durable replacement parts for enduring performance. Whether facing rain, snow, or dusty trails, these essential Polaris Ranger full-size accessories prepare you for any adventure ahead!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Windshield Wipers?

Choosing Between Manual and Automatic Wipers

Manual Wipers

Manual wipers offer straightforward reliability because there really is little to complain about.

They are especially useful for occasional use and can be easily installed or removed, making them versatile for use on multiple UTVs.

If you frequently take off your Polaris Ranger's windshield, manual wipers are a practical option and will be more than enough for occasional swiping.

Automatic Wipers

Polaris Ranger automatic wipers provide a seamless experience, crucial for maintaining consistent visibility during heavy rain or mud.

If your full-size Polaris Ranger is often exposed to inclement weather and usually keeps its windshield on, automatic wipers are a better fit. Let’s face it, if it really rains, there are the ones to get.

Material Quality and Durability

You should look for marine-grade stainless steel or high-quality rubber to ensure longevity and efficient performance, especially important if your Ranger frequently encounters harsh conditions.

You also have to choose blades that resist UV damage, extreme temperatures, and wear. Don’t forget about wiper arms as these also have to be able to endure consistent motion and moisture exposure.

Blade Length and Compatibility

Ensure that the wiper blades are compatible with your full-size Polaris Ranger's windshield to achieve effective cleaning and maintain visibility.

The easiest way to do that is to simply pre-select the Polaris Ranger in our buying suite, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

For full windshields, blades should cover the entire area. Special designs might be necessary for half or foldable windshields.

Motor Strength and Adjustability

For automatic Polaris Ranger wipers, the motor should be strong enough to handle challenging weather conditions, especially lots of snow.

Customizable swiping speeds are also beneficial, allowing adjustments based on the severity of the weather.

Lastly, consider wipers with integrated washers in order to always keep your windshield clean.

Ease of Replacement and Maintenance

Consider how easily you can obtain and afford replacement parts. Once again, we can help you with that because we have a whole section dedicated to Polaris Ranger replacement parts!

Last, but not least, most components that are easy to install and replace can significantly reduce downtime and maintenance.