Switches and Wiring

Gain unmatched control of your UTV’s electrical system and electrical accessories with the Polaris Ranger Full-Size switches and Polaris Ranger Full-Size wiring from Everything Polaris Ranger! We offer individual switches as well as Polaris Ranger Full-Size switch panels, as well as wiring accessories for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size like wire harnesses, wire connectors, and wire spoolers!


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Even among the most greasy-elbowed UTV riders who secretly like it when stuff breaks down, wiring issues are just so not fun. Worse yet, if you have to deal with a nightmare when it comes to wiring up even the simplest of accessories (or a more comprehensive job), then you’re getting hit with the hassle a second time as the inferior product breaks down on you later. But never fear, because if you’re in the market for any full-size Polaris Ranger switches and wiring, no matter how small or big the job, we’ve got you covered with tons of amazing options here at Everything Polaris Ranger. If we had to describe our driving philosophy as riders ourselves looking to accommodate our audience with the best full-size Polaris Ranger switches and wiring products, it would be “easy and effective.” Plug, play, and forget about it.

Whether you’re looking to hook up a single accessory or overhaul your entire wiring system, all of our kits come with all the hardware you will need for a super easy installation. Everything is offroad worthy and then some, and thanks to our broad selection, any job big or small can be accommodated. So, instead of tweaking your setup and doing away with accessories to fit an inferior wiring product, why not demand that the product work for you instead? That’s how it should be. Ride how you want, run the powered accessories you want, and count on it to work. That’s the only standard you should settle for, and that’s what these full-size Polaris Ranger switches and wiring kits will do for you.

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