Roll Bar Handles/Grab Handles

The high-quality Polaris Ranger Full-Size grab bars and grab handles at Everything Polaris Ranger are ready and waiting for you to order! We carry billet aluminum grab handles for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size, paracord grab straps for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size, and even lighted roll bar handles for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size; so regardless of your needs, they can be met here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

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Your Ranger was made to take the tough terrain and trails in stride. You and your passengers, though, not so much! Make sure your full-size Polaris Ranger has something to hold onto for those bumpy moments when you’re not quite sure about that corner coming up with these grab handles and grab bars!  Whether you’re installing a handle to ensure you can get in safely, or to give you a firm hold on a hairpin turn, we’ve got a solution for every situation.

Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we carry grab handles made by the best in the business: ATV TEK, Quad Boss, Assault Industries, Greene Mountain Outdoors, Seismic, PRP and Warn. No matter which brand you choose, we make it a point to offer only the best grab handles for your UTV. The full-size Polaris Ranger can seat up to three people, often leaving very little room left to brace and hold on during the ride. The rider sitting in the middle spot can often feel uneasy, and might even accidentally force the side passenger out of the vehicle on a tight corner. Grab handles give everyone something to hold onto and brace during a rough ride, and can be mounted just about anywhere inside of the UTV!

Adding grab handles to your UTV adds more than just an important safety and ride comfort feature, but is also a great way to easily add to the cosmetic aesthetic of the machine. Whether it is one of our simple and to-the-point nylon handles that keep a stealth-like look, or an extremely useful lighted or reflective handle to help increase visibility in the darkest of nights. A favorite of ours is easily the Lighted Grab Handle by PRP, followed closely by the Reflective Series UTV Grab Handle by Quad Boss. The yellow logo really stands out against the black material on the Quad Boss handles, which combined with the reflective material greatly aids in visibility, but also looks great on your Polaris Ranger!

Chances are you’ve been out on a trail or in your Ranger in less than ideal weather conditions. Rain, mud, snow and ice all play a role in traction, both for your UTV and you yourself! Grab handles give you a very sturdy and secure way to enter and exit your Polaris Ranger during even the worst weather. Anyone who has ever lost control and slid or spun out in their UTV knows first hand that the situation can go sideways quickly, all puns intended. Installing handles makes sure not only you, but your passengers have the peace of mind to keep having fun. We all know taking your Ranger out to conquer any and all terrain and obstacles is one of the best feelings. Grab handles ensure that you and your co-riders have complete confidence in the ride (no matter how crazy you drive). 

Grab handles are the perfect way to give your Polaris Ranger that extra ride security for you and your passengers. As much fun as your Ranger can be, we all know that safety needs to come first. Installing grab handles and grab bars is super quick, with most not even requiring any tools to do so. With most handles using a simple velcro wrap-around setup, you’ll have them installed in just minutes. We’re 100% confident anyone and everyone can install a set of handles in less time than it takes you to load up your gear into the bed for a day of hitting the trails! Even the super secure clamp-style attachment of the Paracord Grab Strap by Assault Industries is extremely user friendly to install and can be done in minutes, and happens to be one of the best looking handles out there!

Grab handles can range in build type from a simple, yet super strong nylon with rubber grips, to an even more durable steel handle with a rubber grip added to make it easier on your hands when holding on. Regardless of the size of your roll bars or attachment points, we have grab handles and grab bars that will fit bars from 1.5” in diameter up to 4” and most diameters in between as well.

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