Long Travel Kits

Achieve unmatched prowess at the track, trail, or job site with a Polaris Ranger Full-Size long travel kit from Everything Polaris Ranger! By installing the beefier a-arms, extended axle bars, and taller shocks that come with Polaris Ranger Full-Size long travel suspension kits, you’ll gain both added ground clearance as well as a plusher, more cushioned ride on the roughest of terrain!

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Stop piecing together all those poorly fitting, flimsy long travel kits from every poorly-lit corner of the interwebs and get the best Full-Size Polaris Ranger long travel kit for your next excursion from one reputable provider. What separates us from the other guys is that, as UTV enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important is to cater to your exact make, model, and year when making use of every last inch of that roll bar and cabin, so all our Full-Size Polaris Ranger long travel kits are made for, well, Full-Size Polaris Rangers, of course. And what’s more, you can get everything you need in one or piece together your own custom kit from our selection, but either way, it’s all here with no fluff. Whether you’re looking to safely tote along a bunch of extra fuel, hook up some simple storage solutions that don’t hog up all the room, or what have you, we’ll be ready with a range of practical and affordable solutions.

What kind of trouble are you looking to get into? Here’s an important follow up: how comfortable do you want to be? Regardless of where you land on either of these spectrums, our catalog of Full-Size Polaris Ranger long travel kits can accommodate your exact needs so you don’t have to compromise the experience to fit the gear - it should always be the other way around. And at the end of the day, the last thing you need to happen in a remote area is to have your navigational equipment, cooking setup, or what have you suddenly fail. We’re not in the business of failing, but rather, making everyone else look bad (just sayin) with the best Full-Size Polaris Ranger Long Travel Kits in the biz.