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UTV Intercoms and Accessories

At Everything Polaris Ranger, we offer the best UTV intercoms, accessories, and components for your Full-Size Polaris Ranger. Whether you use your vehicle for racing or work, intercoms can make a huge difference in performance and communication. Rally racers use intercoms to connect the driver with the navigator, but intercoms are also useful for work vehicles. They provide a clear and effective way to give instructions and avoid miscommunications between employees, managers, and others involved in the project. Moreover, high-noise fields like construction, mining, and logging can benefit from communication-enhancement devices such as intercoms. With over-ear headsets or wireless Bluetooth helmets and earbuds, intercoms can make casual rides with family and friends more enjoyable. You can even plug your camera into a UTV intercom to capture in-cab audio or connect it with a communication radio for bike-to-bike vocal connectivity. Purchase a Polaris Ranger Full-Size intercom kit for high-fidelity music and hands-free communication at your fingertips.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Intercoms & Accessories?

Wired Intercoms

A Polaris Ranger wired intercom is as old school as it gets as these units need to have a physical connection between everyone inside the Ranger, typically via normal cable.

These are more affordable compared to wireless options while also offering high-quality audio which often deem superior to most wireless options out there.

Wireless Intercoms

A Polaris Ranger wireless intercom represents the next step after a traditional wired intercom as these use wireless technologies to send audio from one person to the intercom unit, and from the intercom unit to everyone else connected.

This allows for more freedom of movement inside the vehicle which is indeed welcome as off-roading driving is riddled with obstacles and challenges that can be harsh on electrical wires and connectors.

Bluetooth Intercoms

Bluetooth intercoms are a step above classic Polaris Ranger wireless intercoms as these will not only give you a wire-free experience but will also allow you to stream music or/and take phone calls through your smartphone.

These can also sometimes play audio directions if your phone is connected to it via Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, or similar.

Race Intercoms

Any high-speed racing Polaris Ranger endeavor requires exceptional communication in order not to risk any injuries or problems.

These are the most expensive intercoms you can buy but also tend to be the most reliable and offer lots of control over how loud and clear your audio is and can even offer active noise cancelation.

These are on the professional end of the scale which means that buying these isn’t necessarily needed for anyone outside the world of racing.

2-Place Intercoms vs 4-Place Intercoms

The main differentiating factor between 2-place and 4-place intercoms is the ability to connect either 2 or 4 people to it.

4-place intercoms are larger, heavier, and more expensive. They also tend to come with more substantial/numerous wires and connectors.

2-place intercoms can not accommodate 4 people at once while 4-place intercoms can accommodate 2 people at once, so let that be a factor when buying Polaris Ranger intercoms.

What Are the Best Polaris Ranger Intercom Accessories?

The best Polaris Ranger intercom accessories are audio filters which help reduce background noise and interference or brackets and control switches which help you secure and control your intercom system.

Dash mounts and additional headsets/microphones are also a good idea while wireless receivers can also be a good idea, but only if they don’t have any notable latency issues.

Extension cables are often a good addition for wired units while amplifiers can boost your signal for clearer and louder communication.