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When your journey takes you across snow-filled expanses, icy terrains, thick mud, marshlands, or muskeg, what you need is a little help provided by our Polaris Ranger XD Tracks shop category! Dive into our expansive collection featuring the best in snow tracks, track kits, track mounts, and more. From Hybrid Tracks that merge durability with versatility to Rubber Tracks designed for optimal grip, we have your back! Whether you're looking for Snow Tracks for winter treks, All-Terrain Tracks for diverse landscapes, or the essentials like drive sprockets, adapter plates, and tensioning systems, our selection promises unmatched quality and performance. Equip your Ranger XD 1500 with the most capable Polaris Ranger XD Tracks on the market, and tread confidently where most vehicles falter!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Tracks?

Choosing Between Ranger XD Rubber & Hybrid Tracks

Polaris Ranger XD rubber tracks, predominantly suited for softer terrains, offer reduced ground pressure and minimal disturbance to delicate surfaces. This is crucial when navigating marshes or fragile ecosystems. Rubber tracks also demand lesser maintenance, but typically have a shorter lifespan and might not fare well on rugged terrains. Conversely, hybrid tracks, a blend of metal and rubber, strike a balance between durability and flexibility. These are designed to tackle extreme terrains, offering enhanced stability and lifespan over their pure rubber counterparts. However, they come at a premium and might provide less cushioning during rides. Lastly, hybrid Ranger XD 1500 tracks usually can not be used on paved surfaces whereas rubber tracks often can.

Load Capacity

Polaris Ranger XD tracks are robust, with many handling weights up to 3,500 lbs, ensuring you haul equipment without worries of anything failing. Still, it's essential to account for the total weight, including cargo and passengers, to prevent overloading. While tracks amplify Ranger XD 1500 capabilities, they are an investment. Evaluating cost versus benefits is vital, considering that the expense of tracks could finance several other modifications.

Prioritizing Ground Surface Area for Floatation

The higher ground surface area on tracks ensures optimal floatation, reducing the likelihood of getting bogged down, especially in deep snow or extremely muddy conditions. Much like snowboards or skis, these tracks distribute the Ranger's weight across a broader surface, preventing it from sinking in softer terrains. For those keen on transforming their Polaris Ranger XD into a snowmobile, prioritizing tracks with an expansive surface area (like those with a 75% rating) is essential.

Track Maintenance

Maintaining your Polaris Ranger XD tracks isn't optional; it's a necessity that will inevitably shorten or expand the lifespan of your tracks. Regular cleaning, especially after treks through muddy or gritty areas, ensures longevity. Periodic lubrication of moving parts and storing tracks horizontally can significantly extend their life. Regularly inspecting track tension—about every 30 hours of use—is crucial, with more frequent checks if you're pushing the limits off-road. Proper care means your investment in tracks continues to pay dividends in performance with your Ranger XD 1500.