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Shocks & Springs

Are you fed up with how your Ranger XD 1500 handles and you want to make it better? If so, welcome to our Polaris Ranger XD Shocks & Springs collection, the ultimate destination for personalizing the suspension performance of your Ranger XD 1500! Choose the resilience of heavy-duty springs that withstand the rugged outdoors or the adaptability of air shocks, we will help you get what you want either way! Navigate the trails with our spring accessories, ensuring longevity with top-tier bushings, spring spacers, and compressors. Guard your investment with premium guards and ensure peak performance with our shock shafts and load rings. Take control of your Ranger XD 1500's ride quality and elevate every off-road moment with the best in shocks and springs! Order yours today and see why Everything Polaris Ranger is the only shop you’ll ever need!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Shocks & Springs?

Types of Ranger XD Shocks & Springs

Coilover Shocks

Widely favored for delivering a blend of comfort and exceptional handling, especially on diverse terrains, Polaris Ranger XD Coilover shocks should definitely be on your radar. They stand out for performance but come with a higher price tag and demand more regular upkeep.

Air Shocks

With a customizable stiffness to fit your driving style and the terrain's demands, Ranger XD 1500 air shocks sure are very flexible. However, while they do excel in adaptability, their complexity means a higher maintenance routine and higher entry costs.

Lift Shocks

Polaris Ranger XD lift shocks are primarily designed to amplify ground clearance, enhancing off-road capabilities and making sure you have enough ground clearance for everything you might encounter. However, frequent road users might find them compromising on-road stability which is why they are not ideal for both situations.

Heavy-Duty Springs

Perfect for intense off-roading or supporting substantial loads while towing and hauling, Ranger XD 1500 heavy-duty springs are the choice for those who want robustness. They outrank air springs in durability but lack in customization, overall comfort, and weight.

Adjustments and Maintenance

Always consider the adjustability of Polaris Ranger XD shocks and springs as this can make them perfect for a wide variety of environments. While some offer dynamic adaptability like air shocks, they might need frequent maintenance. Ease of adjustment and the longevity of the product should be weighed. In case of maintenance, be sure to follow all of the requirements, especially if you use your Ranger XD 1500 to the fullest.


Tender Springs

Ranger XD 1500 tender springs act in harmony with the main spring, focusing on cushioning minor bumps, elevating overall ride quality, and making sure your back is safe from injuries.

Dual Rate Springs

A fusion of two spring rates, ensuring a balanced ride, adapting to both minor and major impacts. As such, springs with these accessories are good for both on-road and off-road Polaris Ranger XD use.

Build Materials and Durability

Materials and build quality can drastically affect the longevity of shocks and springs, no matter if you do or do not maintain them as well as you should. Ensure you're investing in Polaris Ranger XD products known for durability, especially if you're an avid off-roader. This means focusing on steel, aluminum, billet, carbon fiber, or even chromoly steel. Also, make sure that all of your Ranger XD 1500 spring seals are up to the task.