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Fuel / Intake

Welcome to our Polaris Ranger XD Fuel/Intake collection, the only place you need to make sure your Ranger XD 1500 breathes and drinks as best as it can! Dive deep into our offerings, from the security of bolt plugs that seal your system to precision-engineered fuel injectors ensuring optimal fuel delivery. Navigate smoothly with reliable fuel lines, and benefit from the top-tier pigtail harnesses for impeccable electronic connections. Superior fuel pump module assemblies guarantee consistent fuel flow, while T-Map sensors monitor air and manifold pressures for perfect fuel combustion. Opt for fuel pump rebuild kits for maintenance, and never lose track with fuel pump sending units. Ensure airtight connections with throttle body intake adapters and keep impurities at bay with our fuel strainers and pump filters. With seals, gaskets, air intake filters, and more, supercharge your Ranger XD 1500's fuel and intake systems. Make your pick today and fuel your passion!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Fuel/Intake Replacement Parts?

OEM vs. Aftermarket Ranger XD Fuel/Intake Parts: Replacements vs. Upgrades

First and foremost, are you driven by a desire to maintain original efficiency with OEM components, or are you intrigued by the prospect of elevating its fuel management and air intake capabilities through aftermarket solutions? An answer to this question is necessary as this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your Ranger XD 1500, especially since intake and fueling systems are often modified by UTV owners for more power, efficiency, or better throttle response. Opting for OEM parts might be your best bet if you anticipate future enhancements to your Polaris Ranger XD that necessitate a consistent and dependable fuel/intake ecosystem. OEM fuel and intake parts are meticulously crafted by the vehicle’s manufacturer or an authorized associate, ensuring optimal fit and unmatched performance. They preserve the innate fuel efficiency and airflow balance of your Ranger XD 1500, often with the added assurance of warranties. Conversely, aftermarket fuel and intake components might introduce innovative designs and superior performance metrics.


When delving into Polaris Ranger XD fuel/intake replacement components, precise compatibility with your specific model is non-negotiable. By selecting your Ranger XD 1500 in our system, we filter and spotlight parts specifically designed to cater to your vehicle. Beyond fitment, it's crucial for fuel and intake parts to cohesively integrate into your UTV's existing systems, ensuring efficient fuel combustion and intake optimization without any setbacks. If you’re charting out future mods for your Ranger, fortify your fuel and intake systems now to seamlessly accommodate any modifications down the line.

Build Materials and Durability

The fuel and intake systems of the Polaris Ranger XD are central to its performance and undergo continual operational stresses time and time again. For those frequently pushing their Ranger XD 1500 to its limits, especially in diverse environments, components recognized for their durability and resilience become a necessity. Choose parts fabricated from high-quality materials, reputed for their resistance to wear and their ability to maintain optimal performance under fluctuating conditions. It often makes sense to go for higher-end filters both for the intake and the fueling system since these offer better filtration capabilities and are likely to last longer.

Installation and Maintenance

For the Polaris Ranger XD DIY enthusiasts, the act of integrating fuel/intake parts can be both a challenge and a delight, depending on their skill level and will to take proper care of their UTVs. Given the complexities of fuel and intake systems, some components might necessitate specific tools or expert intervention. It’s prudent to think about whether the chosen parts come with detailed, user-friendly instructions. In scenarios demanding specialized knowledge, considering professional assistance ensures the peak performance and safety of the fuel and intake systems. Maintenance-wise, be sure to change your filters regularly and clean your intake systems whenever they get really dirty.