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Radius Arms

Radius arms play a pivotal role in an off-road vehicle's suspension setup, offering both stability and resilience to confront challenging terrains without breaking a sweat. If you want to make your Ranger XD 1500 capable of going over everything, welcome to our Polaris Ranger XD Radius Arms collection, a place where you can do exactly that! Whether you're on the hunt for a superior upgrade to augment your Ranger XD's off-road capabilities, or you're keen on replacing worn-out components, our range of radius arms, bushings, mounting brackets, adjustments, and radius arm reinforcements will do that for you! Be sure to place your order today and completely revolutionize your Polaris Ranger XD Radius Arms!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Radius Arms?

Ranger DX Radius Arm Types

Tubular Radius Arms

Tubular radius arms for the Polaris Ranger XD are crafted from lightweight materials like tubular steel or aluminum. These radius arms are geared towards enhanced suspension performance and are ideal for general off-roading since they're lighter than boxed or high-clearance variants. Yet, their structural integrity might be compromised during intense off-road sessions which is why a boxed radius Ranger XD 1500 radius arm setup is better.

Boxed Radius Arms

Constructed with a focus on strength, these  Polaris Ranger XD radius arms use more steel, ensuring durability and longevity, especially over rougher terrain. However, their increased weight can have an effect on the vehicle's agility and suspension responsiveness.

High Clearance Radius Arms

High clearance radius arms prioritize ground clearance, making them beneficial for terrains riddled with rocks or obstructions because they give you better Polaris Ranger XD approach and departure angles. Made primarily from sturdy steel, they're designed for challenging terrains but come with the trade-off of being heavier, and not nearly as stable as both boxed and tubular radius arms.

Radius Arm Installation Methods

There are two ways one can install a set of Polaris Ranger XD radius arms, weld-on radius arms, or bolt-on radius arms. Weld-on radius arms are known to require professional installation since these are welded directly to the Ranger XD 1500 frame. While they offer a secure and lasting fit, altering or removing them can be a demanding task because once you put them on, it’s difficult to take them off. Bolt-on radius arms are user-friendly options that utilize existing mounting points on the vehicle. Their easy installation and adaptability make them popular, but they might not be as enduring as their weld-on counterparts.

Build Materials and Durability

When selecting Polaris Ranger XD Radius Arms, focusing on build materials and overall durability is also immensely important. Consider steel for its reliable strength which makes it ideal for off-roading and low entry costs. However, its weight might affect the Ranger XD 1500's agility. Aluminum offers lightweight corrosion resistance but may compromise on high-impact durability. Chromoly, bridging steel and aluminum's attributes, is a balance of lightness and sturdiness. Lastly, titanium, although premium in both cost and strength, requires specialized handling, making it a luxury choice for the discerning Polaris Ranger XD enthusiast.