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Welcome to our Polaris Ranger XD Radiators shop category where you can find everything you need to keep your Ranger XD 1500 as cool as ice, no matter where you take it! Discover an array of indispensable accessories, from resilient radiator caps and drain plugs to protective radiator guards and powerful fans. We also feature invaluable resources, including radiator maintenance guides and effective cleaning solutions. Never let a compromised radiator disrupt your Ranger XD's peak performance or overshadow your off-road adventures. Start off your shopping journey now and fortify your Ranger's cooling prowess for the many years ahead!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Radiators?

Radiator Cooling Capacity 

The cooling capability of your Polaris Ranger XD radiator should be the first factor you need to consider before buying. For those who venture into off-road extreme terrains or have augmented their engine performance, a radiator offering a cooling capacity between 25,000 to 35,000 BTUs per hour is indispensable. This ensures the engine remains cool and performs optimally even under duress. However, for those who use their Ranger XD for regular adventures without major modifications, a cooling capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 BTUs per hour should be adequate.

Build Materials and Durability

Material plays a crucial role in the radiator's performance and longevity which is why you shouldn’t ignore these. Aluminum, due to its lightweight and durable nature, has become a favorite for performance-focused Polaris Ranger XD radiators. Many of these aluminum variants also come with brazed and welded seams, offering additional protection against potential leaks. On the other hand, copper radiators, while possessing great thermal conductivity, are heavier and might not offer the durability that high-demand applications require. Brass, often used as a core material, provides resistance against corrosion and offers good heat transfer. Some Ranger XD 1500 radiators also incorporate plastic end tanks to reduce weight and enhance corrosion resistance, but they might not be as enduring in the long run.

Performance Features

A dual-pass design allows the coolant to circulate through the radiator twice, ensuring more effective cooling for your Polaris Ranger XD. Larger core sizes can handle more coolant volume, enhancing the cooling effect. Additionally, efficient fan setups, such as dual or electric fans, can significantly improve the cooling rate, especially during idle or slow-moving conditions. Many high-end radiators also come with specialized coatings to ward off corrosion and keep the housing looking fresh for years to come.

Essential Accessories

The efficiency of a Polaris Ranger XD radiator also depends on its accompanying accessories such as radiator guards. These are designed to shield the radiator core and fins from debris and ensure the radiator remains undamaged during off-road adventures. High-performance fans, whether dual or electric, provide the cooling edge, especially during challenging situations. A well-designed radiator cap is essential to maintain optimal pressure within the radiator system, ensuring there's no unnecessary coolant loss. Moreover, using high-quality radiator hoses ensures that coolant flows smoothly, reducing the chances of blockages or leaks within your Ranger XD 1500 cooling system.


To maintain the optimal performance of your radiator, certain practices are vital. Consider investing in a Polaris Ranger XD Radiator Flush Kit. This not only helps in cleaning the radiator but also removes built-up deposits that can reduce cooling efficiency. Moreover, regular checks on coolant levels, using specific cleaning solutions, and timely replacement of damaged components can extend the radiator's lifespan. Lastly, a radiator guard can act as a protective layer, shielding the radiator from potential external damage.