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Drive Belts

Owning a Polaris Ranger XD implies a commitment to maintain peak performance as the Ranger XD 1500 isn’t designed for the light-hearted. Arguably one of the most critical components in this endeavor is the drive belt as it is designed to transfer power from the engine to the rest of the powertrain, and we at Everything Polaris Ranger, specialize in offering the very best Polaris Ranger XD Drive Belts the market has to offer. Explore our vast selection of Polaris Ranger XD drive belts, featuring high-performance belts, heavy-duty belts, standard-duty belts, and belt temperature gauges, all designed to keep your Ranger XD surging through the most challenging terrains without breaking a sweat. Release yourself from all the stresses of worn-out Polaris Ranger XD Drive Belts, and experience uninterrupted, thrilling off-road journeys with every stomp on the gas pedal!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Drive Belts?

Type and Purpose of Ranger XD Drive Belts

Your first goal needs to be to identify the specific type and purpose of the drive belt you need, including whether you require standard-duty Ranger XD 1500 belts for everyday use or heavy-duty, high-performance belts for more serious applications. High-performance belts are essential if you're after the maximum horsepower and efficiency, especially for modified Ranger models. Remember, matching the drive belt with your Polaris Ranger XD demands is pivotal in maintaining its reliability and capability across all kinds of environments.

Material and Durability

While rubber Polaris Ranger XD drive belts are a common material offering decent performance and durability, belts reinforced with Kevlar provide superior resistance to heat and wear, making them ideal for those who want the best. They might come with a steeper price tag, but the enhanced durability and performance can justify the investment. So, if you want to extract the very last drop of performance from your Ranger XD 1500, or you plan on upgrading it for more power and torque, a durable drive belt is a must.

Temperature Resilience

We all know the different environments the Ranger XD might encounter, so consider belts that are resilient to varying temperatures, and possibly, those that come with belt temperature gauges. This helps in monitoring the belt’s condition, preventing overheating and ensuing damage which makes it last a lot longer and makes your Ranger XD 1500 a much more durable machine.

Performance Belt and Clutch Kits

Some Polaris Ranger XD drive belts come in comprehensive clutch kits, inclusive of components like clutch springs, weights, and sheaves, aimed at optimizing clutch engagement and shift points. These kits can be instrumental in refining the power delivery to the wheels, enhancing the overall driving experience. So, if you want to solve two problems at once while also making your Ranger XD 1500 more durable, a performance belt and clutch kit is indeed a good idea.