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Push-to-Talk (PTT)

In your Polaris Ranger XD, being able to talk freely is a must, and a Polaris Ranger XD Push-to-Talk (PTT) button is something that is going to give you complete control over your audio experience! Everything Polaris Ranger offers a myriad of PTT accessories, including mounts, RCA connectors, velcro pads, headsets, adapter cables, and extensions, all tailored for the Ranger XD 1500. Whether racing or exploring, find the right PTT button and mounting solution, ensuring seamless communication in extreme conditions. Order your Polaris Ranger XD Push-to-Talk (PTT) accessories today and take full control over your comms!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Push-to-Talk (PTT)?

Open Microphone vs. Push-to-Talk

An open mic when paired with a high-end dynamic microphone for the Polaris Ranger XD that can block out ambient noise, sure seems attractive, but it is generally not the preferred choice among Ranger XD 1500 enthusiasts. This is because effectively blocking out unwanted noises while maintaining a clear, discernible voice is almost impossible, especially while driving in areas where ambient noise is loud (literally every trail or UTV track ever). A PTT system is superior as it allows your voice to penetrate clearly with the simple push of a button, alleviating concerns about background noise, other people’s conversations, or the necessity for special dynamic microphones. As mentioned, that’s particularly important with the Ranger XD 1500 where environments can be extreme and clarity in communication is critical.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is crucial; a Polaris Ranger XD PTT button needs to be conveniently located, user-friendly, and comfortable to press. Whether mounted on the steering wheel or elsewhere, options range from simple plastic buttons to more tactile physical switches which may require more force to engage. It’s pivotal to choose a fool-proof system, easily accessible, and unmistakably distinct from other controls inside your Ranger XD 1500, that way you’ll always know you are pressing the right button.


Since you'll be utilizing this button extensively, it needs to be able to withstand all of the stresses associated with a Polaris Ranger XD experience. A waterproof and dust-proof system is highly recommended given the range of environments and the likelihood of dirty gloves or fingers during operation. You want it to be sealed, strong, and able to take a beating for years to come. If you want these for racing purposes, you need to go for the most durable ones of them all.


For those who prefer the PTT button on the steering wheel of their Polaris Ranger XD, attention to cable management is crucial due to the constant turning of the wheel. Properly routing your PTT wires and cables is essential to avoid interference with steering and to maintain the integrity of the system in the rugged terrains typically encountered by the Ranger XD 1500. On the other hand, some prefer putting these buttons in other areas, but realistically, not taking your hand off the wheel is always recommended, especially since you’ll be pressing this button often.