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GPS Units

Welcome to the navigation corner of our shop where Polaris Ranger XD owners can find the highest quality Polaris Ranger XD GPS Units and accessories! Here, you’ll find everything from high-resolution touchscreen navigators to robust GPS antennas, specifically designed for the Ranger XD 1500, ensuring you stay on course during your off-road adventures. Whether you need real-time analytics, hand-held or dashboard-mounted GPS, trail tracking, or waterproof GPS kits complete with power cables, we've got it all! Dive in, explore our extensive range, and equip your Ranger XD with the premium, precise navigation tools it deserves, ensuring your journeys are well-guided, secure, and fully informed. Trust in our selection— we're here to bring you the best in the business, no messing about! Welcome to your one-stop shop for all of your Polaris Ranger XD navigation solutions!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD GPS Units?

Hand-Held vs Dashboard-Mounted GPS Ranger XD Units

While browsing our sites for Polaris Ranger XD GPS units, considering the type—handheld or mounted—is something you should solve ASAP. A handheld Ranger XD 1500 GPS unit is versatile, ideal for those who enjoy hiking and driving through nature, and is easily switchable between different Ranger models, offering convenience for owners of multiple vehicles. However, for those seeking precision, advanced features, and hands-free convenience, a dashboard-mounted GPS unit would be more suitable, as it typically offers more functionality and is fixed securely to keep hands uncluttered.

Screen Quality and Durability

The better the Ranger XD 1500 GPS unit screen - the bigger the price, and it’s up to you to choose the perfect balance! Either way, opting for units with bright, clear, and large enough displays is important to ensure readability in various outdoor conditions. Whether LCD or LED touchscreens, choosing a quality screen helps in avoiding distractions while driving. Coupled with this, durability is paramount. A rugged construction, capable of withstanding the stresses of off-roading, including waterproof and dustproof features, is ideal. The unit should have protectors or reinforced corners and be resistant to mud, rain, water, dirt, and debris, ensuring longevity in extreme Polaris Ranger XD environments.

Special Features and Navigation

Advanced Polaris Ranger XD GPS units come equipped with special features such as live traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions, preloaded maps, and tracking capabilities. Some units can even connect to phones, providing added functionalities and data such as areas of interest. These features are crucial in enhancing navigation and the overall driving experience, aiding in planning and real-time decision-making during rides. Going for units with comprehensive features can provide valuable insights and conveniences, adding to both safety and enjoyment.

Mapping and Environmental Adaptation

The Polaris Ranger XD GPS unit you ought to go for should offer advanced mapping and navigation features, with up-to-date and reliable maps, and environmental data like topographic and altitudinal data. These are essential for adjusting to different terrains and elevations, ensuring smooth navigation. Also, units offering the marking of custom waypoints can be especially helpful in uncharted terrains. So, if you and your Ranger XD 1500 often tread into the unknown, this is something you definitely need to prioritize.

Power Consumption and Connectivity

Consideration of the unit’s power requirements and consumption is crucial to prevent undue strain on the vehicle’s battery, especially if you already have many power-sucking upgrades on your Rager XD 1500. Units with multiple connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, are preferable as they allow for real-time updates and integrations of additional features, enhancing usability and functionality. If necessary, you’ll have to get either a larger battery or opt for a dual-battery kit, all of which you can find right here at Everything Polaris Ranger.