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Carrier Bearings

If you're on the hunt for high-quality carrier bearing kits, robust carrier bearing rebuild kits, efficient remote grease lines, or innovative bearing and grease whip combos, you’ve come to the right place as our Polaris Ranger XD Carrier Bearings category has everything you need! Our assortment is extensive and versatile, tailored to fulfill your specific needs and preferences with absolute precision, durability, and convenience. Explore our diverse selection of support bearings, driveline & carrier bearings combos, and carrier bearing assemblies, each meticulously developed to enhance the performance and longevity of your Ranger XD 1500’s driveline components. Discover the market-leading quality of our Polaris Ranger XD Carrier Bearings shop category and understand why we are the only thing you need to make your Xtreme Duty UTV a cut above the rest!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger XD Carrier Bearings?

Build Materials and Durability

Steel carrier bearings are renowned for their strength and durability, making them ideal for handling heavy loads and resisting wear and tear. Be that as it may, their weight can impact the performance of your Ranger XD 1500. To cope with that, aluminum, being lightweight with excellent heat dissipation properties, is preferable for preventing overheating but might lack the strength of steel in the most extreme of situations. Brass bearings, recognized for corrosion resistance and high-temperature handling, may not offer the strength required for rigorous off-roading. Ceramic bearings are gaining traction for their high strength and corrosion resistance, although they may be pricier and unnecessary for all but the most extremely used Polaris Ranger XD models.


When shopping for new Polaris Ranger XD carrier bearings, consider those featuring remote grease lines or bearing and grease whip combos for ease of maintenance and extended longevity. So, even if you need to spend more money to get these, it is likely going to be worth it in the long run if you do maintain them as required.

Design and Advanced Construction

You should also go for advanced Ranger XD 1500 designs and superior construction to reduce vibration and noise, ensuring smoother rides. Driveline & carrier bearings combos can be holistic solutions for enhanced performance without sacrificing comfort. So, before you pull the trigger, be sure to do your homework and think about the driving experience you want to achieve.