Polaris Ranger Crew Models Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack by Great Day

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BRAND: Great Day
TOP SELLING RANGER GUN RACK! This UTV Overhead Gun Rack provides Polaris Ranger owners of all models with a safe and hassle-free way to carry firearms. Installs in minutes without drilling holes. Holds up to two firearms
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Storing your firearms safely and securely should be the priority of your hunting trip. Getting to your favorite spot is the simple part, what's difficult is making sure you have a way to transport your firearms safely. Great Day's Quick-Draw UTV Overhead Gun Rack gives you a way to keep your weapons close at hand but still having them out of the way.

This gun rack is one of the easiest ones to install. The rack is secured to the roll bars, on the underside of your UTV's roof. It takes only a minute to have it up and in use. No bolting, drilling or any extra tools are required. The installation position has been thought of very carefully to provide security and ease of access. The rack can hold two weapons in its soft gun grips secured by premium quality Velcro.

An overhead gun rack for transporting firearms safely might sound like something that might be heavy and menacing but it's not. Weighing only 5lbs, the rack is extremely lightweight, and this further facilitates the no drill and no bolts installation. A key offering on this rack is the super-soft rubber gun clips. The clips not only ensure safe and secure transport for your firearms on your hunting trips but also provide easy and quick access. Since the rack is secured to the underside of your UTV’s roof you might want to carefully measure the distances between the frame bars before picking the appropriate gun rack suited for you and your UTV.

Quick-Draw Ranger Crew models Overhead Gun Rack Features:

  • Unique, easy mounting system installs in just minutes without any drilling or bolting
  • Features super-soft rubber gun clips that provide easy access and secure transport
  • Lightweight at only 5 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • Safely keeps your firearm secure
  • Premium quality Velcro strips

Selecting the Right Ranger Crew Gun Rack:

We have labeled the most common choices above, but it's always a good idea to verify your fitment for your machine. The most accurate method of matching the correct QuickDraw Overhead Gun Rack is to measure the distance between the front and back horizontal frame bars (inside to inside). Note: Some newer Polaris Rangers (XP900, XP1000, 900 Crew, 570) require a side-to-side measurement.

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Note: Safety First! Never transport a loaded firearm in your Ranger or UTV

Product Fitment

Mid-Size Vehicle No fitments
Full-Size Vehicle No fitments
Crew Vehicle 2023 Ranger Crew 1000 2023 Ranger Crew 570 Full Size 2023 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2022 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2022 Ranger Crew 1000 2022 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2021 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2021 Ranger Crew 1000 2021 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2021 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2020 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2020 Ranger Crew 1000 2020 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2020 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2019 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2019 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2019 Ranger Crew 900 2019 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2018 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2018 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2018 Ranger Crew 900 2018 Ranger Crew Diesel 2018 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2017 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2017 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2017 Ranger Crew 900 2017 Ranger Crew Diesel 2017 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2016 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2016 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2016 Ranger Crew 900 2016 Ranger Crew Diesel 2015 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2015 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2015 Ranger Crew 900 2015 Ranger Crew Diesel 2014 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2014 Ranger Crew 800 2014 Ranger Crew 900 2014 Ranger Crew Diesel 2013 Ranger Crew 500 2013 Ranger Crew 800 2013 Ranger Crew Diesel 2012 Ranger Crew 500 2012 Ranger Crew 800 2012 Ranger Crew Diesel 2011 Ranger Crew 500 2011 Ranger Crew 800 2010 Ranger Crew 800 2009 Ranger Crew 700
General Vehicle 2023 General 1000 2023 General 4 XP 1000 2023 General XP 1000 2022 General 1000 2022 General XP 1000 2022 General 4 1000 2022 General 4 XP 1000 2021 General 1000 2021 General XP 1000 2021 General 4 1000 2021 General 4 XP 1000 2020 General 1000 2020 General 1000 Sport 2020 General XP 1000 2020 General 4 1000 2020 General 4 XP 1000 2019 General 1000 2019 General 4 1000 2018 General 1000 2018 General 4 1000 2017 General 1000 2017 General 4 1000 2016 General 1000


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