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Under 3000 Lb Winch

Is the winch motor bad on your 2,500lb Polaris General winch? Have you opened up the cover on your small UTV winch only to find out that a number of wires on the armature are burnt or disconnected? Regardless of whether your winch is bad or nonexistent, Everything Polaris Ranger has the right under 3,000 Lb winch for you and your Polaris General. For many riders, large aftermarket winches are completely overkill. Not only are they rarely needed, but massively powerful winches will also needlessly weigh down the UTV onto which they're attached. Now we're not saying that there's never a need for anything above a 2,500lb or 3,000lb Polaris General winch, but for most casual riders that don't ride recklessly or seek out bogs, puddles, and mud holes, an under 3,000lb UTV winch should be more than sufficient. You can get 2,000lb winches, 2,500lb winches, and 3,000lb winches with wired remotes and dash switches for easy operation, as well as under 3,000 Lb Polaris General winches with a variety of mounting options. 

In addition to getting yourself, your friends, and other riders unstuck, there are many practical ways in which one can utilize a small UTV winch. They are great for operating snow plows, agricultural plows, and other farming / ranching implements. Throw a small winch on the front of your Polaris General XP 1000 and use it to power a 72" steel KFI blade, or put one on the back of your G4 EPS Deluxe and use it to drag logs out of hard-to-reach places. Polaris General riders also like to use under 3,000lb winches to power lifts, which helm them hoist heavy objects into and out of their vehicle's bed. Receiver lifts are available that slide right into the Polaris General's receiver hitch, and you can also find other lifts that fit in the bed or mount on the cage to save space and reduce the chances of frame damage. But whatever jobs you're planning to tackle with a lightweight Polaris General winch, Everything Polaris Ranger has a variety of great under 3,000lb winches to choose from.