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5000+ Lb Winch

For mud riders and other Polaris General owners that push their winches to the absolute limit, a 5,000+ lb winch is likely in order. Be it the 5,000lb Black Ops winch by SuperATV to use at the Highlighter Mud Nationals, or the 6,000lb Viper Elite winch that comes with a wireless remote as well as 65 feet of premium, 1/4-inch, USA-made cable in multiple color options, Everything Polaris Ranger has the strongest Polaris General winches around. Need a 5,000+ Lb winch with the longest cable in the industry and nearly 9,000 pounds of breaking strength? We've got an appropriate Polaris General winch that will work to perfection. Want a UTV winch that can handle waist-high recovery scenarios without batting an eye? You're sure to find exactly what you're after in the Polaris General winch directory of Everything Polaris Ranger. And unlike some of the cheap Chinese-made winches that tempt many riders with their super low price tags, the winches you'll find here won't break down, fry, or go up in smoke after only a few uses. Furthermore, because of the higher duty cycle of the powerful yet reliable 5,000lb, 6,000lb, and 9,000lb UTV winches from Everything Polaris Ranger, you won't have to stop and let your winch rest every few minutes.

One thing you must be cautious of when running a 5,000+ Lb Polaris General winch is the way in which it mounts to your machine. When you have that much pulling power at your disposal, things can go wrong fast if you aren't careful. Most commonly, winch bumpers, winch mounts, and winch brackets can bend or break when maxing out a 5,000+ lb Polaris General winch -- especially when pulling at extreme angles. If the conditions demand it, you might not have any other choice but to conduct a hard side pull -- after all, why would a winch come with rollers if you aren't supposed to use them? So if you must conduct a heavy pull at an angle greater than 45 degrees using a 5,000+ lb Polaris General winch, stay vigilant and prepare to halt the operation at a moment's notice. As long as you're smart about it, there's nothing you cannot do with the powerful Polaris General winches at Everything Polaris Ranger.