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4500 Lb Winch

If the motor on your Polaris 4,500 Lb winch is trashed, or if you have yet to install a winch on your machine, the aftermarket 4,500lb Polaris General winches at Everything Polaris Ranger won't let you down. No matter if you're using it to recover your own Polaris General, or using it to pull your friends free from sticky situations, a 4,500lb Polaris General winch is a worthwhile accessory to own. Unlike smaller UTV winches, 4,500lb winches don't have to struggle as much during typical recovery exercises. Even when you account for the added weight and extra suction caused by deep water or dense mud, as long as you have the winch cable extended all the way out -- with one wrap left on the spool -- a 4,500lb winch will be able to handle most recovery situations. And because the standard 4,500lb winch is the most common size used by Polaris General owners, you can easily find mounting solutions like winch bumpers, front and rear winch plates, and winch brackets that work with a 4,500lb winch. So if you're wanting a rear-mounted 4,500lb winch on your 2-door G2, or a front-mounted 4,500lb winch on your 4-door G4, Everything Polaris Ranger has just the right winch to fulfill all of your wants and needs.

The strength of a UTV winch is obviously important, but so too is the winch's control mechanisms. After all, without things like wired switches and wireless winch remotes, operating a 4,500lb winch would require a bit more involvement -- particularly for those that use their Polaris Generals to plow snow. For this reason, we not only offer great 4,500lb Polaris General winches, but also 4,500lb Polaris General winch kits that include everything one needs to set up and operate the winch. So if you're looking for a winch to power a plow or other UTV implement, if you need a winch because you frequently get stuck, or if you just want the piece of mind that comes with having a winch installed on your vehicle, Everything Polaris Ranger is here with the best 4,500lb winches for the Polaris General lineup of side-by-sides.