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Winch Rope & Wire

There's a longstanding debate in the power-sports world about which winch line material performs the best. But regardless of which side of the argument you align with, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we have various types of Polaris General winch ropes and wires to choose from. If you feel like synthetic Polaris General winch ropes just don't hold up, are easy to fray, and are more expensive to replace, we have some fantastic steel cable winch wire kits for you. And for those that want a winch line that won't snap back should failure occur, we have rope winch lines with phenomenal load ratings. If you winch smart and properly take care of your winch line, either material can work. With cable winch lines for the Polaris General, accessories such as winch cable blanket dampeners can be used to deaden the line and prevent the wire from recoiling should it snap or come loose. Many riders also attach straps or 15,000lb synthetic line extenders to the ends of their winches so that they don't have to pull out as much cable. Straps -- as well as tree savers -- also prove beneficial when attached to the end of rope winch lines, as you can use a strap in lieu of the winch line itself when wrapping around trees, rocks, or what ever else might scrape or abrade your line. And whichever Polaris General winch line you're using, if you need another angle, you can always use a snatch block or pulley chock.

In addition to different winch lines for recovery purposes, activities such as plowing snow also require their own optimized winch lines. Even with light snow plows, if your winch's slide rollers stop rolling and begin to cut your winch line, you could be using wire or synthetic, but your winch lines would still keep breaking nonetheless. So for those using a winch-powered plow, we would suggest getting an aluminum hawse fairlead and a 2" tow strap to winch your blade up and down with. If you're wanting to swap out your Polaris General winch line, or are putting in a winch line for the very first time, Everything Polaris Ranger has many UTV winch lines in various sizes, styles, and materials for you to choose from.

4 products

4 products