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Winch Mounts

There are several ways to mount a side-by-side winch onto the Polaris General. However, depending on the power of your winch as well as the main ways in which you plan on using it, some mounting locations are better than others. But regardless of what you're pulling and where on your rig you're pulling it from, Everything Polaris Ranger has the proper Polaris General winch mounts for any application. Looking for a winch bumper to mount a UTV winch on the front of your two-seater Polaris General? We've got a wide assortment of winch-compatible bumpers to choose from. Want a heavy-duty winch lift on the back of your Polaris General to tow out other side-by-sides with busted tie rods, cracked axles, or sections of broken frame supports? We have both hitch-mounted and cage-mounted winch lifts for the rear end of the Polaris General 1000, the Polaris General Deluxe, and all other vehicles in Polaris' General lineup. So if you're in need of a Polaris General winch bracket, a winch plate, or any other winch mounting solution, you can find exactly what you're searching for at Everything Polaris Ranger.

The convenience of winch bumpers makes them a popular accessory used to mount a UTV winch onto the Polaris General. And for those that want a removable winch, we offer receiver mounts for winches. You can slide these mounts into the receiver hitch on either end of your machine, powering the winch with a twist lock connector that includes both electricity attachments and ground wires. Polaris General owners like receiver-mounted winches because they can be operated when needed, then placed safely in the bed when traversing water, mud, or rugged terrain. They don't get in the way of the tailgate, nor do they interfere with the vehicle's bed tilting functionality. And even though Polaris General winch receiver mounts place the winch near the UTV's muffler, they aren't close enough to affect each other. But regardless of whether you're after a hitch-mounting winch for your G2, or a bumper-mounting winch for your G4, we've got every type of winch mount for the Polaris General here at Everything Polaris Ranger.