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Winch Covers

In addition to getting the right UTV winch for the job, using the right type of winch line, and always practicing proper winching protocol, one of the best ways to safeguard your winch is through the use of a Polaris General winch cover. Compared to the price of a winch, the Polaris General winch covers you'll find at Everything Polaris Ranger are dirt cheap. What's not cheap, however, is their construction. They are made with neoprene, which not only creates a moisture barrier, but also helps to cushion blows from things like rocks, logs, and any other projectile that you might encounter on the trail. Whether you've got a 2,500lb Warn winch, a 4,500lb Stealth winch by KFI, or SuperATV's 5,000lb Black Ops winch, we've got a winch cover for you. You wouldn't leave your speakers, GPS unit, or other electronic accessories exposed to the elements. So why would you not cover your Polaris General winch? With easy access to cheap winch covers that are delivered straight to your doorstep, you have no excuse to not be using a winch cover when you ride!

Polaris General owners with low-mounted winches are particularly susceptible to winch damage. But even if you have a hitch-mounted winch that you pull out and place in your rig's cargo bed when the trails get dicey, a winch cover can still help to keep your winch dry if it rains, dust free if it's dry, and undamaged should it roll around or bump other objects in the bed. And like the winch itself, the winch line will also last longer if it's protected by a winch cover. Steel and other metallic cable wires can rust, while synthetic rope will degrade and fray if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. So no matter what type of winch line you use and regardless of your winch's brand or power rating, you can keep it safe and protected with a winch cover from Everything Polaris Ranger.

3 products

3 products