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Wire Harnesses

Whether you're looking for the right wire harness to finish off the blinker system in your Polaris General 1000, or some wire harnesses with built-in relays for better-performing brake lights in your Polaris General XP 4 1000 Deluxe, you've come to the right place. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we've got wire harnesses for most Polaris General street legal accessories as well as wires and wire-related parts. Be it a plug and play wire harness with fuses and in-line relays or a basic wire connector for power and ground, if you're struggling to instal your turn signals, hazard lights, horn kit, or other street legal accessories, Everything Polaris Ranger is here to help. Many riders have dedicated accessory posts, plus bars, and distribution blocks for their lights, sound bars, winches, and street legal accessories. Others, however, opt to tie their accessories directly to the battery, using rocker switches and aftermarket relays to control the voltage, amperage, and electrical flow. Whatever the case may be for you and your rig, with the right Polaris General wire harnesses, you can get the job done faster, easier, and to a higher degree of quality.

The Polaris General wire harnesses at Everything Polaris Ranger are both waterproof and surge-protected. Although the power demands of street legal accessories aren't as great as a winch or high-powered sound system, using harnesses with fuses and relays is a good idea nonetheless. And in addition to positive and negative accessory wires, a good wire harness should also have a ground wire connector. Whatever you require, you're sure to find the right wire harnesses for your Polaris General at Everything Polaris Ranger. If you're looking to use your factory brake lights as turn indicators, if you only want power to your accessories when the machine is turned on, or if you are having difficulties with LED license plate frames, lighted mirrors, or other street legal accessories, your one-stop-shop for Polaris General wires and wire harnesses is Everything Polaris Ranger!