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Fire Extinguishers / Mounts

Many ORV trails have rules regarding fire extinguishers, and most insurance companies require some type of onboard fire extinguisher as part of the rules of their coverage policy. Be it a dry compound fire extinguisher for your Polaris General Sport, or a C02 fire extinguisher for your Polaris General 4 1000, we've got all the best fire extinguishers, mounts, and related fire safety accessories here at Everything Polaris Ranger. Looking to mount a 2 Lb fire extinguisher in front of the passenger seat of your G2? No problem. Did your old Polaris General fire extinguisher mount get ripped off on a narrow trail? We can help you there as well. We've got in-cab fire extinguisher mounts for the Polaris General as well as outdoor fire extinguisher options that can be exposed to rain, mud, and direct sunlight for long periods of time. The ledge behind the seats on the 2-seater Polaris General is a great place to mount a fire extinguisher, as it makes it accessible to both the driver and the passenger. And if you don't want to mount it to the plastic area behind the seats, you could also attach an extinguisher to the rear metal cross bar. Taking calculated driving risks on the trail is acceptable, but never risk riding your Polaris General without a functional fire extinguisher onboard.

As far as UTV fire extinguishers for the Polaris General go, the Tundra Spray extinguisher from First Alert is a good option. Unlike dry-powder style extinguishers, fire extinguishers like the Tundra Spray use Halotron, which is a fire-extinguishing agent similar to Halon, but without the environmental drawbacks. These no-mess extinguishers are great for small fires in and around the engine, as they don't spray dry powder all over the place which can get into the internal components of the UTV. Similarly, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are a clean option as well, however they aren't typically sized for UTV applications. But whatever type of fire extinguisher you're after and wherever you're wanting to mount it on your Polaris General, Everything Polaris Ranger has the right fire safety product for you.

19 products

19 products