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DOT Windshields

From laminated glass DOT windshields for the Polaris General to windshields with safety glass and other DOT-approved features, if you're looking for a street legal Polaris General windshield, we've got a variety for you to choose from at Everything Polaris Ranger. Although some states don't require UTV owners to have DOT windshields to be street legal, most states do. And even if you live in a state that doesn't, many riders still like running DOT windshields because of their strength, durability, and dependability. After all, if your Polaris General windshield has passed the scrutiny of the US Department Of Transportation, you know that it must be up to the job. Of the many great DOT windshields out there for the Polaris General, the DOT-rated Polaris General windshield by EMP is among the best. Not only is it made from laminated safety glass -- which is tough as nails -- but it also comes with a built-in, hand-operated windshield wiper to maintain clear visibility during rain showers and snow storms. And best of all, because the DOT-rated EMP windshield is manufactured in Cleveland Ohio, you know that no shortcuts were taken and no corners were cut during its construction. If you want to risk it with a cheap Chinese-made windshield, fell free to shop elsewhere. But if you want a high-end DOT windshield that was designed and made right here in America, Everything Polaris Ranger is your best bet.

DOT-rated windshields for the Polaris General are obviously safe, but they can also be convenient as well. The EMP windshield, for example, can be installed or taken off without the use of any tools. You can quickly put it on when you're running on a blacktop, then just as easily take it off if you're trail riding and want a nice breeze. Be it a DOT-rated glass windshield for your four-seat Polaris General Deluxe, or a DOT-approved polycarbonate windshield for your 2-seat Polaris General 1000, for top-notch windshields approved by the DOT, Everything Polaris Ranger has the best options available.

3 products

3 products