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Street Legal

Nothing can stop your Polaris General; not steep hills, not deep mud, and especially not any city cop or highway patrolman. With all the proper street legal accessories installed in your Polaris General, you're untouchable in the eyes of the law. And unless your speeding, neglecting to abide by road signs and traffic lights, or riding in one of the few areas where UTVs are prohibited outright, regardless of whether or not they meet the compliance standards of most other jurisdictions, you should never receive a ticket or violation when you're running the right street legal parts. Although the laws regulating the legality of UTVs on public roads are inconsistent within the US -- let alone in other countries -- there are a few side-by-side accessories that are common across the board. Things like UTV mirrors are one of these commonly-required accessories, and are among the easier ones to install. Simply clamp side mirrors onto your roll cage or get a pair that fits your aftermarket doors. Rear view mirrors are even easier, which usually affix onto the front roll bar using a c-clamp or other mounting device.

Things like turn signal kits for the Polaris General are a little more involved than simple mirrors. However, companies like Tusk, Ryco Moto, and others have made it increasingly easy to install street legal turn signal units in the General. Instead of having to figure out how to route everything and wire each component of the kit individually, these pre-wired turn signal kits come ready to plug-&-play. If you want to string your street legal kit together piece by piece, we have the individual accessories you need to do so. Alternatively, if you want a complete street legal kit with everything you need to make your machine ready to rock, we have those as well. Anything from DOT approved windshields to Polaris General license plate brackets can all be found right here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

1 - 36 of 137 products


1 - 36 of 137 products