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Spare Tire Mounts

Many riders use tire plugs and small air compressors to limp their UTVs back to civilization after incurring a flat tire. Others choose to run beadlock wheels to be able to ride on a flat without the tire coming off of the rim. But if you don't want your day to be ruined by a malfunctioning tire or wheel, there's no better accessory to have than a Polaris General spare tire mount. If you've got the four-door Polaris General, you might be fine with an in-bed spare tire mount due to the extra in-cab storage space available to you. But if you want to preserve as much storage room as humanly possible, we also offer on-roof Polaris General spare tire mounts. Roof-mounted spare tire holders for the Polaris General not only keep your bed open for gear, supplies, and spare parts, but they also preserve your rearward line of sight. Despite these advantages, though, there are still drawbacks to carrying a spare tire on the roof of you side-by-side. If you use an enclosed trailer to haul your UTV, on-roof spare tire mounts can get in the way. Similarly, the additional height of a roof-mounted spare tire can also cause problems for those who store their vehicles in low-ceiling garages. Both of these issues can be overcome, however, with the quick-detach Polaris General spare tire mounts we offer at Everything Polaris Ranger. If your UTV doesn't fit somewhere due to a roof-mounted spare tire, you can easily remove it in a matter of minutes!

In addition to in-bed and on-roof spare tire mounts for the Polaris General, we also offer hitch-mounted spare tire carriers at Everything Polaris Ranger. We have options that are specialized for front hitch receivers, as well as options made specifically for rear-end hitch receivers. Because our hitch-mounted spare tire carriers for the Polaris General don't rattle or hinder one's visibility, they are among the most popular spare tire mounts we sell for the Polaris General. Irrespective of the size of your spare tire, the contents you carry with you when riding, or the frequency with which you use your vehicle's dumping bed, we've got the perfect Polaris General spare tire mount for you at Everything Polaris Ranger!