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Roll Bar Handles/Grab Handles

Find Polaris General roll bar handles, rubber-grip grab handles for the Polaris General, and all-steel grab handles for the a-pillar of the General here at Everything Polaris Ranger. While you’re white-knuckeling the steering wheel, give your passengers the ability to stay steady and balanced with a Polaris General roll bar handle or grab bar from Everything Polaris Ranger!

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Known far and wide as the “oh (you know what) bar,” grab handles are universally beloved by UTV riders, whether you’re tooling along in a Ranger 500, a Ranger 570, EV, or what have you. Though the product itself isn’t complicated, grab bars are no exception to the pitfalls of shoddy construction and/or design. When sourced from our carefully curated selection, you shouldn’t have to think about them (except when exhaling for relief). When your passenger instinctively reaches for that heavy-duty, textured grip from Classic Accessories that you mounted with ease, for example, think of it not as a negative commentary on your driving, but a sign of a good time - because that’s what it is.

But nobody’s going to have a good time if, on the first grab of that sanity-saving roll bar handle, the noodly fabric it came with tears, sending you or your passenger who knows where. We’re well aware you’re not (typically) dropping the kids off at practice with your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 570, so we’ve ensured that our collection of rugged roll bar grab handles are made with seriously tough, heavy-duty fabric to ensure nobody ends up with an unwanted surprise. Because even though it might be funny on the surface when one snaps mid-escapade, a faulty grab handle can absolutely be just as dangerous as a faulty bumper or any other safety feature on your vehicle. For this reason and more, we take this often overlooked product very seriously.

One of the greatest things about a well-kitted UTV, whether we’re talking a Polaris Ranger ETX, EV, 500, or another mid-sized model, is that you can include more people on even rougher rides. It’s in this spirit of inclusivity that we carefully curated this selection of versatile, tough, and highly practical Polaris Ranger grab handles. Think of it not only as an “oh (you know what) bar,” but a welcoming hand up for those who need a little extra help getting into and out your side x side. Even those who don’t normally need a boost will be very happy to have a Seizmik or Axia Alloys grab handle when the floor of your vehicle is wet and slick.

Think this product category is too rinky-dink for clever engineering? Think again, because we have lighted grab handles with adjustable straps that fit onto roll bars up to 3” in diameter, such as this pair from PRP UTV. Especially if it’s a particular passenger’s first time in your vehicle, and/or if it’s dark out, that instinctive reach for the grab handle could turn ugly if they lean towards it, swipe, miss, and lose their balance. This is why having a lighted Polaris Ranger roll bar grab handle is an excellent idea for those who routinely ride in darker conditions. And if you’re that driver who intentionally steers for the deep ruts and trouble spots, then you can skip the fabric altogether and just go full billet with this Polaris Ranger Grab Handle set by Axia Alloys! This precision-machined handle comes with two clamps that basically keep it welded to
your cage like you wouldn’t believe. If that thing snaps, then you definitely have bigger problems than bouncing around in your seat a bit.

Though it’s important, toughness isn’t the only factor differentiating our mid-size Polaris Ranger roll bar grips from inferior products - versatility is a major factor as well. For example, if you frequently take varying numbers of passengers along on your jaunts, you will definitely want roll bar handles that you can easily detach from your bars and move freely without busting out the tools and making everyone wait. Keep in mind, a superior grab handle balances this convenience - usually delivered by velcro straps - with sturdiness and consistency. In particular, some velcro grab handles have a reputation for sliding around on bouncier rides, but we’ve ensured that all of ours have specially engineered pads to ensure that this doesn’t happen. In other words, because we are UTV riders who understand the practical, everyday needs of side x side owners, we made sure to bring you the best of both worlds. Strap them on, move them where you need to quickly for your passengers’ convenience, and don’t worry about them sliding around - that’s it.