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If you run your Polaris General with a broken radiator, you will cause the side by side’s engine to break as well. And without a brush guard or bumper to protect your radiator, it is at risk of becoming damaged or broken completely. Even a perfectly intact and functional radiator can fail due to clogging from dust, mud, and other airborne particulates. One of the worst combinations for a UTV radiator is water and dust. If you get your radiator wet, it will eat dust like mad, clogging it and restricting its cooling capabilities. Aftermarket UTV accessories like jacks, bumpers, and lights can also block the airflow into and out of the side by side’s radiator. To prevent this, many riders choose to install aftermarket accessories such as radiator relocation kits like those by CYA and Wild Boar on their Polaris Generals. These radiator relocation kits place your radiator out of direct impact with mud and other debris that can clog your UTV radiator and cause the engine to overheat. Side-by-side radiator relocation kits also make your radiator more easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.


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1 products

If your radiator is shot and you’re looking for an aftermarket replacement, SuperATV makes great Polaris General radiators. And to protect the radiator against errant rocks, mud, sticks and other debris, many side by side riders go with Grizzz-Tek radiator guards. We’ve heard from multiple Polaris General owners about such radiator guards, extolling their effectiveness and advocating complete sets as one of the best investments they’ve put on their machine. So whether you’re looking for a completely new aftermarket radiator or just a better way to protect and enhance the one you have, when it comes to radiators and radiator accessories, there is no better place than Everything Polaris Ranger to find exactly what you need.

Keep cool, calm and collected when you ride with radiators from Everything Polaris Ranger. You can protect, replace or relocate the radiator of your 2020 Polaris General with ease. We supply radiators and radiator accessories for your 2020 Polaris General 1000 and your 2020 Polaris General 4 1000. Improve your air intake and increase your chance of protection today. Stock radiators can “do the job” but you’re a real rider and need a radiator that does the job well! Take your custom machine to the next level with a new, high-quality radiator system. We also supply radiator accessories that can beef up the protection of the front of your rig. With the top brands in aftermarket UTV parts and accessories available, we’re certain that you’ll be able to find the best radiator and radiator accessories for your side by side at Everything Polaris Ranger. Don’t delay, protect your engine and upgrade today!

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