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Anyone who owns a jacked up and highly modified Polaris General will tell you that repairs, replacements, and broken components are just a part of the game. In the side by side game, you have to pay to play, and it seems as though the relationship between how hard you play and how much you pay is directly correlated. Even stock Polaris Generals aren’t impervious to the extreme forces and punishment to which they are subjected. This is especially true for Polaris General prop shafts, which can twist, bend and shear on hard impacts. Carrier bearings, differentials, and the splines of the driveshaft are particularly vulnerable, and shift phase problems can unsettlingly noisy to say the least. And following the Polaris General driveshaft recall in 2017, the skepticism of many UTV riders vis-a-vis stock Polaris General drive shafts has only grown, leading to a mass exodus away from factory drive shafts and toward aftermarket Polaris General drive shafts and other aftermarket accessories.


3 products

3 products

While complete driveline replacements like those by CCI or Sandcraft are an option, they are quite expensive and the benefits they provide are dubious. As such, many UTV riders have resorted to phasing and balancing their stock shafts or going with options like SuperATV’s Rhino prop shaft. These aftermarket UTV prop shafts for the Polaris General utilize the superior CV joint technology, which is a giant leap over the u-joint days of old. An aftermarket Polaris General driveshaft will not only increase the strength of your vehicle’s drivetrain, but it will also reduce under-foot noise and make takeoffs and direction changes smoother and less jerky. So if you’re looking for a replacement prop shaft for your Polaris General side by side, you’ve come to the right place, because the breadth of drive shafts available through Everything Polaris Ranger is second to none.

With everything you do in your 2020 Polaris General, you need to ensure that your UTV is performing in tip-top shape. You’ve customized your rig and need to make sure that every part does its job effectively. That means that stock parts just won’t suffice. Get high-quality prop shafts for your machine from Everything Polaris Ranger. Your 2020 Polaris General 1000 and 2020 Polaris General 4 1000 can benefit from phased and balanced prop shafts that virtually eliminate vibrations. Get better torque and smoother rotation with impeccable prop shafts from industry-leading brands like SuperATV. Replacements are inevitable when you stick to stock parts but you don’t have to settle for less. Strong, durable, and high-performance prop shafts are just what you need to complete the setup for your fully altered rig and provide a much better experience. Get the best prop shafts for your side by side from Everything Polaris Ranger.

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