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The Everything Advantage

Steering Wheels

Are you looking to get rid of that garbage stock steering wheel on your Polaris General? Have you investigated the aftermarket to see what’s available? If you answered yes, you’re in luck. Whether you’re wanting a UTV steering wheel with a little extra padding or a larger-diameter side-by-side steering wheel to make turning and steering a one-handed task, at Everything Polaris Ranger, our selection of Polaris General steering wheels is about as deep and diverse as they come. Forget those flimsy OEM steering wheels, the aftermarket options are far superior. The conventional shape and backward technology of stock steering wheels leave much to be desired. Companies like Dragonfire, Hess Racing, Assault Engineering, and Holtz Racing Products have made enormous pushes to develop state-of-the-art steering wheels with electric controls and an ergonomic feel. Turn on the dome lights, control your stereo, or honk your aftermarket horn with buttons, switches, and levers that are custom built right into the drive wheel. They even make Polaris General steering wheels that are heated, wheels that are D-shaped or take other less-traditional forms, and removable Polaris steering wheels to deter all those UTV thieves out there.   

Already have a hand wheel lying around but have just put off installing it on your General? You might benefit from a Polaris General Steering Wheel Puller, a steering wheel adapter/hub, or one of the other various components of a steering wheel kit that are required to upgrade or replace your rig’s steering wheel. So if you need a completely new side-by-side steering wheel kit or just a simple steering wheel knob to give you redneck power steering, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got a grip on the latest and greatest Polaris General steering wheels.

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