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Windshield Accessories

From windshield wipers and windshield tint kits to polycarbonate-safe towels and cleaning solutions, Everything Polaris Ranger is the go-to destination for all your Polaris General windshield accessories. While Polaris General windshield tint will both cut down on glare and block a bit of heat from the sun, it can also restrict your visibility at night. For this reason, most riders choose to use either 35% and lower tints, or tint strips on the top or bottom of the windshield. To maintain a clean windshield during rides, we offer both hand wipers and electric windshield wipers for the Polaris General. And to help your windshield repel muddy water, you can apply products like Meguiars glass cleaner if you have a glass Polaris General windshield, or Plexus plastic cleaner if you have a polycarbonate Polaris General windshield. In order to maintain clear visibility, removing mud, dust, and water is only half of the equation. Cracks, chips, and scratches in your windshield will also diminish your view. The aforementioned Plexus product can help get rid of small scratches in poly windshields, and we also offer glass windshield repair kits to seal up chips and cracks before they spread. Be it for glass windshields or polycarbonate windshields, front windshields or rear windshields, you'll find everything you need for any Polaris General windshield here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

On top of our amazing selection of Polaris General windshield accessories, we also provide riders with a broad range of windshield parts and sub-components. Need a new mounting bracket for your half Polaris General windshield? We can sort you out with one. Or how about a replacement slice of weatherstripping and new vent covers to keep rainwater from leaking all over your dash? Regardless of the weather conditions where you ride, our Polaris General windshield accessories will give you a leg up against the wrath of Mother Nature. So don't delay and get the appropriate Polaris General windshield accessories you require from Everything Polaris Ranger today!