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Rear Windshields

No matter what you've got going on in the front of your vehicle, be it a half windshield, a full windshield, or a folding windshield, your setup isn't truly complete without a Polaris General rear windshield. Whether you have a 2020 Polaris General XP with ride command and rear speakers in the back, a Polaris General Hunter Edition with a rear light bar, or any other year, model, or edition of the Polaris General, we've got the best rear windshields for all General owners at Everything Polaris Ranger. We have rear windshields with slots in which to lock speakers, and we have rear windshields with sliding windows like you might find in single-cab trucks. From polycarbonate rear windshields to glass rear windshields, whatever you're after, we've got you covered. Some riders like to run tinted rear windshields that reduce glare and block direct sunlight, while others prefer non-tinted rear windshields for better visibility during night rides. Companies like EMP, SuperATV, and Spike Powersports all make quality rear windshields for the Polaris General that rival or even eclipse Polaris-branded rear windshields. That being said, Polaris' lock-and-ride setups are pretty handy, and although they're expensive, they do perform well in a variety of conditions.

A proper seal is important in a Polaris General rear windshield. If it's just a piece of glass or polycarbonate bolted to the cage, you're still going to get dust, water, and wind coming in from the outside. So to prevent this, we carry rear windshields with rubber gaskets and seals that are made to fit the back of the Polaris General. The Ryfab glass slider rear windshield is a popular and well-fitting unit. Not only does it seal correctly, but it can also open up so your friends, family, and pets can poke their heads out and receive cooling air when the outside temperatures rise. Another route to take with regards to rear Polaris General windshields is the custom route. Companies like Side By Customs are well known for their made-to-order rear UTV windshield products and attention to detail. So if you're sick and tired of sucking dust, if you need more enclosure for winter, or if you want something to keep those pesky mosquitos out of the cab of your side-by-side, the rear Polaris General windshields at Everything Polaris Ranger will do all that and then some.

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20 products