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Half Windshields

It's hard to argue that Polaris General half windshields don't look completely badass, but in addition to aesthetics, half windshields are also quite functional. Sure half Polaris General windshields won't give you the same protection as full windshields, but they're not supposed to. For riders that wear helmets and / or goggles when they ride and prefer full, unimpeded forward-facing visibility in their machine, half windshields are great. They provide just enough protection against wind and bugs without extending too far into the driver's field of vision. This is great for muddy applications, where the view through a full windshield tends to get obscured with mud and muck. And even though half windshields don't provide 100% coverage, they are by no means useless. When its cold, half windshields will keep wind off of your hands, and when it's raining, they do block a significant amount of water from infiltrating the cab. And as far as dirt is concerned, half windshields direct dust and other debris upward and away from your face. Be it the Polaris-branded lock-and-ride half glass windshields for the Polaris General or the poly half windshields from SuperATV, Everything Polaris Ranger has the exact half windshield that will make a perfect addition to your Polaris General.

Painted half windshields can give your buggy that added bit of flare, while tinted half windshields can mitigate sunlight and glare. And unlike full windshields, which can get fogged up and glazed over, with a half windshield, you'll get clear visibility no matter what the external environment has in store. Furthermore, should a half windshield simply not cut it, we also have 3/4 windshields for the Polaris General for more coverage. Where price is concerned, half windshields are about as cheap as they come. They are easy to install, can be taken off when trailering, and they don't create a negative pressure area in the cab which sucks in dust like full windshields do. If you want full visibility, a cooling breeze, and a cheap solution to block the majority of bugs and dust, a half Polaris General windshield is the route to take.