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Glass Windshields

From aftermarket glass windshields to Polaris General glass windshields that are locking and ride ready, there's no better place to shop for Polaris General glass windshields than Everything Polaris Ranger. We have full glass windshields with dual flaps that can be opened and closed for ventilation, as well as tip-out glass windshields that can be folded down to let heat out and fresh air in. And unlike polycarbonate-style windshields that tend to scratch if not maintained properly, the laminated and tempered Polaris General glass windshields at Everything Polaris Ranger can handle whatever is thrown at them. Be it from sticky Arizona dust or dirty Texas gravel roads, if you rub down a non-hardened poly window or windscreen without taking certain precautions, mass scratching will ensue. While glass windshields are typically more expensive in the short run, when amortized over the extended lifetime of the product, glass windshields turn out to be a cheaper option than their poly counterparts. After all, if you have to replace your windshield every few seasons due to micro scratches, you'll pay more both monetarily and with time spent.

A number of riders have given us rave reviews on our glass windshields with hinged bottoms. These and other styles of folding glass windshields are great because they work in hot, cold, and capricious climates. Glass windshields are also better suited for tinting. If you try to apply tint to a plastic windshield, it will tend to bubble up and become unstuck due to the outgassing of moisture trapped in the plastic during the manufacturing process. In addition to glass windshields for the Polaris General 1000, Polaris General 1000 4, and other Polaris General models, we also offer windshield-related accessories such as wiper kits and replacement wiper blades to insure that 100% visibility is maintained at all times. Sure products like Rain X can be applied to glass windshields, but without wipers, mud, dust, and smudges will accumulate over the course of a ride. We have hand-operated wipers as well as electric-powered wipers for those that want to focus exclusively on the trail. If you need a new windshield, some windshield accessories, or a glass windshield replacement to swap in for your scratched up poly windscreen, Everything Polaris Ranger has your back.