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Some riders prefer to run half windshields on their Polaris Generals. But If you’re going to be riding in dust, dirt, mud, or rain, a full Polaris General windshield is a much better alternative. Fold down windshields are an option as well, but most require you to drill holes in the hood of your machine for the bump stops, which is something that many riders aren't willing to do. For an incredibly easy lock and go windshield experience, Everything Polaris Ranger has what you need to protect yourself and your passengers when riding in your Polaris General -- because even in the summertime, if it's not cold wind, it's bugs and dust hitting you in the face. If, however, you do suffer from intense heat and humidity, a full windshield with vents can give you some relief. And for cold-weather climates, a full Polaris General windshield with a defroster is amazing. Add a full rear windshield and you'll both cut down on dust and stay warm come winter. Whether you have the Polaris General 1000, the Polaris General Premium, or the Polaris General Deluxe, we've got a full windshield or windshield replacement for you at Everything Polaris Ranger!

Be it a Polaris-branded full windshield for the Polaris General with a sprayer and telescopic wiper, or an aftermarket full General windshield by companies like SuperATV, EMP, and Ryfab, for the best Polaris General full windshields, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to shop. We have full glass windshields that are tempered and laminated to prevent chipping and cracking, and we have full polycarbonate windshields with hard, scratch-resistant coatings that are nearly impervious to scratches and abrasion. If you're planning on making your General street legal, you might be required to have a DOT certified windshield with safety glass or high-visibility polycarbonate. And if you intend to tow your General, you might want something that can either withstand highway speeds, or something that can be easily taken off and put back on when you arrive at your destination. Whatever your requirements may be, however, we've got the right full windshield for you and your 4x4 at Everything Polaris Ranger.

19 products

19 products