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Front Windshields

Many Polaris General owners like to run front windshields when they're riding in big groups, but even solo riders can reap the benefits of a front Polaris General windshield. When mud gets to flying, tree branches get to slapping, and nasty winds get to blowing, a front windshield will be your first line of defense. If you didn't buy your General with a front windshield on it already, this is one UTV accessory that should top your list of priorities. You can go with an 11" half front windshield and maintain a steady flow of cooling air, or block the leading end of your rig completely with a full front windshield. And for both a nice breeze and the ability to seal things up when necessary, folding front windshields, tipping front windshields, and flipping front windshields are all viable options that can be easily configured on the trail to suit your needs at any moment. In addition to the various styles of front windshields for the Polaris General, different materials are also used, each of which being better for specific applications. Hard coated polycarbonate is used by a number of side-by-side windshield makers such as SuperATV, Ryfab, and EMP, and safety glass is also a commonly used material. But whether it's glass, polycarbonate, or a mixture of both, you can find the best front windshields for the Polaris General, the General 4, and other editions of the Polaris General here at Everything Polaris Ranger.

If you encounter much water in your Polaris General, a front windshield can help you stay dry. And if you ride in dry areas, a front windshield can alleviate dust issues. Things like windshield wipers can be installed to use in conjunction with a UTV windshield, and most front windshields for the Polaris General allow you to run other accessories like mirrors, light bars, and suction-mounted electronic devices. Be it laminated glass or MR10 Lexan, you won't regret getting a front windshield for your Polaris General, General Deluxe, or General XP. Some require a half hour or so to install, while others go on and off without tools in a few minutes flat. But regardless of the front windshield you choose, if you buy through Everything Polaris Ranger, you're guaranteed to get a great deal on a windshield that fits perfectly and performs as expected.

31 products

31 products