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Folding Windshields

Some Polaris General owners prefer UTV windshields that fold up, while others prefer UTV windshields that fold down. Whichever style appeals most to you, Everything Polaris Ranger has the Polaris General folding windshield to optimize your rides. Downward folding windshields for the Polaris General are good for tight trails, where flip-up windshields might hit or get caught on branches or other low-hanging obstacles. SuperATV makes a good hard coat folding windshield for the Polaris General that seals tight, looks awesome, and doesn't scratch. Even when running a power wiper and washer, SuperATV's folding windshield will hold up as good as a glass windshield. If you're dead set on a flip-up folding windshield, EMP offers one that is almost identical to the one by SATV, but it also gives you the option of completely removing the windshield in seconds and with no tools. Polaris' factory lock-n-ride windshields are nice, but without vents, they can cause dust to get sucked into the cab and it can get pretty bad. And while half windshields are great in some cases, they are limited in the protection that they provide. To get the best of each windshield style, a folding Polaris General windshield is the way to go.

Unlike the fold-up type of windshield, downward folding UTV windshields for the General don't block your field of view. However, folding windshields aren't without their faults. The folding windshield by Ryfab, for example, doesn't work well with heaters that use dash vents. Instead of blasting hot air onto the glass section of the windshield where it is needed, defroster vents direct air to the frame of the windshield. And speaking of frames, some folding windshields for the Polaris General have large, bulky frames that might block your vision at the top, bottom, or sides. A good folding windshield should be solid for desert riding and traveling over rough terrain. But the folding windshields that lay flat on the vehicle's hood tend to get covered in mud and water when in the lowermost position. Sure every type of windshield has it's pros and cons, but if you investigate the matter, you'll likely find that the benefits of a Polaris General folding windshield vastly outweigh the cons. So if you're on the fence and considering a foldable windshield for your two or four seater Polaris General, ask around and you'll be raring to install one on your machine as soon as possible.