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Soft Cab Enclosures

From full Polaris General soft cab enclosures to semi-soft cab enclosure systems with hard doors and removable zip-out windows, Everything Polaris Ranger is the destination of choice for soft Polaris General cab enclosures. Hard-style enclosures can be expensive, and a majority of the same benefits can be gained from soft Polaris General cab enclosures at a fraction of the cost. Soft cab enclosures are quite insulative, and they are a great ad-on accessory for those who live and ride in cold climates. It could be -20 outside with a -50 degree wind-chill, and as long as you have a soft cab enclosure with a small heating unit, you'll be warm as can be. But even in hot, dry, and arid climates, soft cab enclosures for the Polaris General can also prove useful by blocking dust, dirt, and direct sunlight. While windshields and back windscreens can prevent some dust from entering the cab, in many cases, the use of one or the other creates a vortex that sucks in dust through the sides of the vehicle. One of the only ways to prevent this is with a soft cab enclosure. Sure air pumper helmet systems can help in this regard, but they won't protect your gear, tools, or other accessories from dust infiltration.

Whether you have the G2 or the G4, Everything Polaris Ranger has a soft-cover cab enclosure that will fit your make and model of the Polaris General. A lot of people like to run semi-soft cab enclosures with hard doors and soft windows. These semi-soft enclosure systems are nice because they allow riders to easily enter and exit the cab -- without having to zip out or unstrap any velcro -- yet still use soft, zipper-down windows that are sturdy enough to trailer. Yes, you could piece together an enclosure system from some EMP front and back windshields, an EMP top, and some CEC soft lower and upper doors. But with full soft cab enclosures for the Polaris General made by companies like Spike Powersports, Over Armour Offroad, and GCL UTV, you'll get a higher-quality enclosure setup for a lower price at Everything Polaris Ranger.