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Soft Roofs & Top Caps

If you're looking for a professionally-made soft roof, top cap, or shade roof for your two-door or four-door Polaris General, Everything Polaris Ranger is the perfect place for you. Whether you're trying to extend your riding season with overhead protection from rain in the spring and snow in the fall, or you just want to be out of the sun when you're riding in the summer heat, our soft Polaris General 1000 roofs are an easy way to achieve it all. With some styles of G2 and G4 soft roofs, all you need is to velcro some straps onto your stock cage. But even the more complicated Polaris General soft roofs should never take more than a half hour maximum to install. And in addition to being super easy to put on and take off, most soft UTV roofs can be folded up, stored indoors, or packed in the vehicle without taking up much space. Polaris Generals with soft roofs are pretty much convertibles. You can ride them roofless to get the full outdoor experience, then quickly unpack your soft roof and install it to block that blistering mid-day sun or incoming rain storm.

An apocryphal belief about soft UTV roofs is that they can't stand up to overhanging tree limbs. Companies like Moose, however, have addressed this issue by using materials such as 500-denier nylon and 40 oz vinyl. Sure, a soft Polaris Ranger roof will never be as puncture-resistant as a metal roof, but with the soft roofs at Everything Polaris Ranger, you won't have to second guess yourself when riding through thick underbrush or tight wooded trails. Be it a Polaris General soft roof by GCL or a Polaris General shade top by MotoRoof, if you want a soft roof that repels water, blocks sunlight, and tucks nicely under the factory visor, Everything Polaris Ranger is here to take care of you!

4 products

4 products