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Polycarbonate Roofs

Polycarbonate windshields are a common UTV accessory, but you can also get polycarbonate UTV roofs for the Polaris General. Like aftermarket metal roofs or the Polaris-branded plastic sport roof, polycarbonate Polaris General roofs are hard, strong, and durable. They can withstand significant impacts without breaking, scratching, chipping, or denting, all while providing the vehicle's occupants with an unbeatable overhead view. The UTV accessory manufacturer SuperATV makes a great tinted polycarbonate roof for the Polaris General. It comes with heavy-duty weather stripping and seals up tight and snug in the channels of the Polaris General's rollover protection structure (ROPS). If you get a poly roof for a G4, you might want a second set of hands to help you install it, as well as a bottle of personal lubricant to help you slide the roof down into the channels of the cage. This roof and the other polycarbonate Polaris General roofs at Everything Polaris Ranger will work with both front and rear windshields, as well as windows, upper doors, and other accessories. Plus, because they are extremely sturdy, you can tow Generals with poly roofs at interstate speeds without incident.

For a better looking rig, switch form the factory Polaris roof to a poly Polaris General roof. Every side-by-side accessory has its pros and cons, and polycarbonate roofs are no different. But in terms of price, performance, and aesthetics, it's pretty hard to argue against a polycarbonate Polaris General roof. Get a tinted poly roof for a darker cabin, or a clear poly roof for unadulterated sunlight. No matter if you have the 2-seater Polaris General, the 4-seater Polaris General, the Polaris General Deluxe, or any other edition / model of the Polaris General, if you're wanting a polycarbonate roof for your rig, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to shop. So don't delay and pick one up for your machine today!