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Metal Roofs

When it comes to tops for the Polaris General, it's hard to beat a roof made from metal. Metal Polaris General roofs are the strongest options out there. They will stand up to falling rocks, thick overhanging branches, and even rollover situations. Plus, with new-age powder coating measures as well as anti-corrosive electroplating, neither rust nor moisture will have any affect on the metal roofs from Everything Polaris Ranger. And while we're on the topic of moisture, a good metal roof should also extend far enough in every direction to keep you completely dry. Some metal roofs for the Polaris General allow water to drip into cab, concentrating all the drops directly onto the lap of the driver. For a quick fix, you can put foam in between the visor and the roof, stuff a swimming pool noodle in there, or inject some clear silicone calk in the gaps. But if you want a clean, factory-looking roof that requires no extra modifications, the metal UTV roofs from Everything Polaris Ranger are your best bet.

A major advantage to steel roofs, aluminum roofs, and other metal roofs is that you can easily mount accessories onto them. Unlike the junky plastic Polaris roof, aftermarket metal roofs don't require special mounting brackets. Instead, you simply bolt your sound bar, dome lights, speakers, or any other accessory straight to the roof. Metal roofs for the Polaris General are also lighter and thinner than hard plastic roofs, which makes the vehicle less top heavy and lowers its center of gravity. Companies like EMP, Moto Armor, and Spike Powersports all make outstanding metal roofs for the Polaris General. EMP makes metal roofs in various colors, enabling riders to choose a color that matches their paint job or wrap, and the aluminum Polaris General 4 1000 roofs by Moto Armor include built-in sunroofs for some added natural light in the cockpit. Whether you're looking for a Polaris General metal roof / rack system combo, or something that is sleek, thin, and low-profile yet strong enough to handle any possible eventuality, Everything Polaris Ranger has the right metal roof for you and your Polaris General.

2 products

2 products