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Lighted Roofs

If you're looking for a lighted Polaris General roof with built-in dome lights, beacon lights, spot lights, or flood lights, you've come to the right place. Who needs the extra fuss and added expense of aftermarket LEDs and light-related accessories when you can get a lighted Polaris General roof that comes complete with integrated lights, wiring, plugs, and switches? Regardless of whether you've got the four-door Polaris General, the G2 General 1000, or a special-edition Polaris General, we've got a lighted roof that is compatible with your UTV at Everything Polaris Ranger. For exterior illumination, our lighted roofs for the Polaris General use the perfect blend of spot lights and flood lights. In this way, the various scatter patterns of all the light beams mix to provide both wide-angle and long-distance visibility. Plus, because the lights are located high up on the roof, their ability to shine further is greatly increased. Some riders enjoy the challenge of wiring up all sorts of accessories. But if you're interested exclusively in the end result, the lighted Polaris General roofs we offer will deliver exceptional brightness with a simple and intuitive install!

Many roof racks for the Polaris General have light bars built into the sides, and a number of bumpers, tailgates, and mirrors also include LEDs of some kind for extra visibility. A lot of these accessories become superfluous, however, after one installs a lighted Polaris General roof. Not only do our lighted roofs give you outward-facing brightness, but they also shine light down and into the cabin as well. With built-in dome lights in both the front and rear, you'll have ample in-cab light after installing a Polaris General lighted roof from Everything Polaris Ranger. So don't wait and pick one up for your side-by-side today!

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