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Hard Roofs

A lot of riders put the plastic Polaris-branded roofs on their Polaris Generals and are perfectly happy with it. And while most Polaris General hard roofs are better than nothing, there are several aftermarket hard roofs for the Polaris General that go above and beyond. Companies like Moto Armor make hard Polaris General tops with built-in sunroofs, and the aluminum metal roof from EMP is about as slick as they come. In addition to being sturdy and tough, UTV owners like metal roofs because you can mount other accessories on them such as amps, speakers, lights, etc. You can mount your GPS unit and some headset hangers on the underside of a metal roof, a light bar on the front, and a safari rack on top. And for those with a jacked up Polaris General running on tall tires, there are some hight restrictions to consider. Because plastic roofs for the Polaris General are thicker, they stick up higher, which could make a lifted rig too tall to fit under garage door openings or into enclosed toy haulers. Some might argue that metal roofs tend to rattle more than plastic roofs. But because they're made with quality and care, the metal, plastic, and hard Polaris General roofs at Everything Polaris Ranger are guaranteed to fit securely and remain rattle free.

Be it a plastic Polaris General roof or a metal one, a big advantage of hard UTV roofs is that they have a rigid and inflexible structure. You can install things like headliners, which help to reduce cab noise -- especially if you have a cab enclosure -- keep heat in, and eliminate drafts. Be it the hard polycarbonate roof by SuperATV, Spike Powersports' hard plastic roof, or a metal roof from one of many aftermarket UTV parts providers, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to get the best bang for your buck on a hard Polaris General roof.