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Audio Roofs

If you're looking for a nice and affordable Polaris General audio roof, get with Everything Polaris Ranger to avoid future disappointment. Regardless of whether you're starting from scratch, or wanting to replace an underpowered sound bar, we've got both fully-loaded as well as blank audio roofs to meet any need. Want an 8-speaker audio roof for your 2-seater Polaris General 1000 Premium with built-in amps, lights, and storage compartments? We've got the perfect one for you at Everything Polaris Ranger. Looking for a simple roof stereo to free up space and minimize clutter in your 4-seater Polaris General XP 1000 Deluxe? We have several to choose from. Be it an aftermarket Polaris General audio roof by RadRoof, AudioFormz, or Mayhem Manufacturing, you're sure to find exactly what you're after at Everything Polaris Ranger.

When it comes to audio roofs for the Polaris General, many riders are under the false impression that the good ones aren't cheep, and the cheep ones aren't good. However, there are middle-ground options that offer top-notch sound quality at a great value. The Polaris General audio roof top by Wet Sounds is a prime example. It has both bluetooth and AUX connectivity, and a CD player as well for those that have yet to digitize their music collection. Although it does not include an amp, it has a 40” front and 12” rear light bar as well as four 6.5” REVO6 speakers and two 8” REVO8 speakers. ProBox audio roofs are another great option. They aren't particularly cheap, but they do look great, sound great, and are completely waterproof. Some audio roofs for the Polaris General come standard with backup cams, light bars, and digital displays, while others contain speakers and audio gear exclusively. But whichever Polaris General audio roof you decide to go with, if you choose one from Everything Polaris Ranger, you'll get a unit that thumps like crazy with some serious bass and crystal clear treble.

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