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Tools / Accessories

When you’re on the trail or in the comfort of your own garage, it’s always a good idea to have some tools on hand to make repairs or upgrades to your Polaris General. During rides, it is particularly important to bring along tools, spare parts, recovery gear, first aid kits, and repair items. You’ll find that it’s far better to have them and not need them than to need some parts and tools and not have them. So at the very least, you should always carry a bunch of sockets and a ratchet, a spare belt, ratchet straps & bungee cords, screwdrivers and Allen keys. The Craftsman 480 tool kit is an easy one to pick up as it has most of what you may need in the field. If you’re going on a long trip deep in the backwoods, bringing a spare axle, chainsaw, a spare tire, a few plug kits, a battery jumper with an air pump, and spare gas in a leak-proof box is highly advised. And if things get super harry, a UHF/VHF and/or CB radio can be a lifesaver.


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In terms of recovery gear, a winch is obviously compulsory. Couple that with a snatch block, shackles, a bush grubber, and shrub grubber chain and you’re off to a good start. A device called a Maxtrax is also recommended for vehicle recovery. If you get stuck in sand, bud, slush or snow, simply slide the Maxtrax under your tire for added traction and drive on out. Land anchors are also helpful for getting out of sticky situations in the desert, dunes, or anywhere lacking in trees or other foliage. The Pull-Pal is a good one that works extremely well. Just stick it in the ground and you’ve got something to attach your winch to. Finally, you find yourself having problems on a frozen lake, an ice auger might prove helpful. You can drill a hole in the ice, put a metal pole underneath, and turn it sideways so you have something to attach your winch to. Wherever you ride, we’ve got the tools and recovery gear to keep you out of dodge, on your way, and off the beaten path.