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From steering shaft fasteners and power steering kits to aftermarket steering wheels, if you’re looking to upgrade or replace components of your General’s steering system, you’ve come to the right place. As the primary contact point between the rider and the machine, the feel of the steering system holds significant importance in terms of comfort, convenience, and overall drivability. If the steering on your Polaris General is either too touchy or not responsive enough, it will have a drastic effect on how enjoyable it is to ride. Further, the steering wheel is of particular importance, with many General owners choosing to swap out their stock steering wheel for an aftermarket steering wheel. D-shaped steering wheels are among the most popular, and wheels with quick-release functionality are common as well -- although the latter usually requires a hub kit adapter to work with the stock steering column. Dragonfire, NRG, and Assault Industries all make a good D-shaped steering wheel, which many riders prefer for various reasons. We’ve even seen people running the sport steering wheel from a John Deere RSX860I on their Polaris General. But whatever aftermarket steering wheel you choose, it would behoove you to get a steering wheel puller to remove the stock wheel -- which basically works like a gear puller to release the wheel from the steering column. Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy a steering wheel puller, you might find some success by hooking a strap behind the factory wheel, running it around the top roll bar, unscrewing the bolt until it’s almost off, and lightly tapping it to pop the wheel right off.


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In addition to the steering wheel, the differences between a machine with and without power steering is night and day. Should your power steering go out, however, there are a few things you can do before you tear your machine apart looking for the issue. Obviously, restarting your machine by turning it off and back on again -- ensuring to remove the key completely -- is a great place to start, but one thing else you might try is to unhook the battery and then hook it back up again. Blown fuses can also mess with your Genera’s power steering. The fuse box is under the driver side back seat, and there should be one spare fuse in the fuse box. Many riders just buy a box of fuses and carry them around when they’re out and about, just in case. And while we don’t recommend this, some General owners have told us they use fuses with five amps more than factory and haven’t had problems since. Like blown fuses, broken wires in the harness under the fuse box can cause power steering issues as well, causing the General to throw a 520230 over 31 code. This code, however -- which is the code for IC CAN Communication with the EPS -- can also be remedied with a computer reflash to reset the electronic power steering. So whether you’re looking for a new steering shaft fastener because your shaft came off the spline, or some steering limiter cables to keep a decent angle on your CV joints, give us a holler and we’ll help you out with all your steering-related needs!