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Rear Drive Line / Suspension

Whether you’re looking for replacement rear shocks for your Polaris General, a long-travel suspension upgrade, or other suspension-related parts like springs, cartridge kits, or fork seals & bushings, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got you covered. Before you pull the trigger on an expensive aftermarket suspension kit, you might want to try adjusting the stock suspension. You can take all four of your Generals suspension springs down an inch and gain three inches of ground clearance, or you can crank your front springs up three-fourths of an inch to level out your machine’s stance. There shouldn’t be any noticeable differences in the ride or handling of the vehicle, so if you’re only looking for more clearance, this is a great option. But what if your General’s rear suspension is sagging? If this is the case, most likely your springs are shot. Suspension springs are among the cheapest things that the manufacturer's install on the General and even the Deluxe Edition General with Fox’s Podium QS3 suspension set is not immune to becoming weak and sagging -- which will reduce your rig’s height and make you bottom out more frequently. Luckily, replacement springs are much cheaper than replacing the entire suspension system, and you have the option to install a good dual-rate set from someone like Shock Therapy.


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In addition to replacing components of the stock General suspension system, we’re starting to see more riders running long-travel suspension on their machines. These types of suspension systems are similar to the RZR platform, but they do not have the full travel like the RZR due to the chassis and suspension differences in the General. With a suspension upgrade from firms like HCR Racing, SuperATV, and others, you can gain an added five inches per side and an additional two inches of wheelbase split between the front and rear. Add seventeen inches of travel with an additional 1.25 inches of clearance built in the arms and you’ve got a rig that can handle jumping with a smoother ride and box-structure a-arms that will last a lifetime. But because these shocks are built for a specific kit, you’ll have to replace the entire suspension system on your General to run them. Regardless of where you ride, how you ride, or why you ride, we’ve got the suspension kits and replacement suspension parts to keep you in the action!