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Front Drive Line / Suspension

If your Polaris General sounds like a dryer full of marbles when you take it over 30mph, your front driveline probably has issues. If you catch it in time, you might be able to take action before an out-of-phase or unbalanced driveshaft takes out a front differential pinion seal, a carrier bearing, a snorkel gear, or other important front driveline component. Some parts of the General driveline can be repaired when things grenade, but in some cases, you might just have to replace your General’s driveline with an aftermarket upgrade from companies like CCI and Sandcraft. Driveline problems are particularly more frequent for those who run large aftermarket tires. Most stock machines will not be able to handle even the smallest amounts of abuse when running 32’s without something breaking. While you can upgrade your General’s axles with some Rhino 2.0s or a similarly reinforced axle, you want your axles to be the weak point. If not, then forces are transferred to other elements of the driveline, which may be more expensive and difficult to repair.

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A few years back, Polaris released a service advisory bulletin regarding driveline noise in 2016-2017 Polaris Generals. This was not technically a recall, but Polaris did offer to upgrade the driveline of the affected Generals with a CV-type driveshaft. Those General owners who took Polaris up on their service bulletin to replace the prop shaft noticed huge improvements and a mass reduction in driveline noise. But even if your General wasn’t a part of that particular recall, you might still bend your forward carrier bearing, experience oil leaking out of your driveline, or have a busted seal somewhere along the driveline. Should this be the case, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you set up with any part, kit, or information you’ll need to make the front driveline on your General right as rain.