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When it comes to clutching performance, clutch parts, and aftermarket clutch kits for the Polaris General, the best way to gain optimal performance is to get the right clutch for your machine and tune it to your driving style and the terrain where you ride. If you’re a baja racer or red dirt road cruiser, you won’t need the same clutching as a mudder with massive 30” tires and a lift. In fact, if all you do is simple trail riding and low to mid speeds, you probably don’t need to do anything to your rig’s clutching unless something is broken. A friend of the site with a Polaris General has three different helixes that he swaps out depending on where he is riding. And this brings up an important point. While you can upgrade your General with a clutch kit from companies like SLP, Dalton, DuraClutch, and High-Level Clutching -- with amazing results and improvements -- installing a new clutch kit may not always be the best option. For example, if your belt is burning up when you take off or run your machine hard, throw in an older RZR 1000 belt into your machine, as they are usually a bit stronger. And by upgrading to round secondary slides, you can get a good low-end hook that you can’t find on stock clutches.


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If your belt is slipping, you may want new rollers. But before you upgrade, first check your clutching system by cleaning the surface of the clutches with scotch brite and then mark them with a sharpe. Drive your General around for a few miles and then take the belt off to see where and how much sharpe is left. If it is completely rubbed off, your belt is likely riding too high, so either the weights need to be adjusted or you need to add a blue washer to the primary. If the problem persists, you may want to upgrade to a DuraClutch kit, which has its own belt setup that uses "constant tension ", making it less likely to burn your belt. Further, both clutch packs in this kit are fully rebuildable, so it should be the last and only kit you’ll ever need. Alternatively, 3P clutches are worth investigating, as are the Assassin Clutch & Tune Kit and the Gilomen Clutch & Tune Kit. For more information on Polaris General clutches, feel free to reach out, we’re happy to help!